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Denna länklista beskriver den senaste tidens händelser i Irak.
Listan uppdateras kontinuerligt, nu senast 180810.
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Göteborg den 10 augusti 2018
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FINLAND: YLE 180710: Forced deportations of Iraqi asylum seekers on hold “We will accept those returning of their own free will and those guilty of crimes,” says Iraqi ambassador Matheel al-Sabti.
AL-Mirbad på FB:
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180807 AL-Mirbad på FB: Alzubair, Basra, Irak, sent igår kväll-natt, hundratals invånare demonstrerar för ett Irak fritt från våld och korruption och med el, vatten, mat och arbete.

180807 AL-Mirbad på FB: Basra, Shatt al-Arab-distriktet, Irak, igår. Hundratals demonstranter fortsätter kampen för ett Irak fritt från våld och korruption och med el, vatten, mat och arbete.

180716 AL-Mirbad på FB: “Kontoret för den höge kommissionären för mänskliga rättigheter i Basra meddelar att säkerhetstjänsten har använt sig av en överdriven användning av våld vid demonstrationer i provinsen i går genom att skjuta skott.“ (Enkel översättning via Google Translate)
Middle East Monitor
Middle East Monitor 180724:
Iraq’s southern rebellion defies defeat in the face of state violence “Prominent Iraqi human rights activist Jabbar Abdul Karim Bahadli, famous for defending the rights of wrongfully convicted protesters and activists, was assassinated early on Monday by unknown assailants in Al-Hadi district of Basra Province. The killing was verified by Qasim Al-Otaibi, president of Basra’s Bar Association, after he expressed his condolences on social media several hours after the attack. Local press agencies reported that Bahadli was hit by as many as 15 bullets when his vehicle was ambushed. “Words cannot do justice to your loss,” his colleague Otaibi wrote on his personal Facebook page.
At least 13 people have been confirmed dead over the past 15 days, while local activists contacted by MEMO cite figures almost three times the official number. Among the dead was 20 year old Hussein Youssef Hussein, shot in the head during riots outside the headquarters of the Iran-backed Badr Organisation in Diwaniyah. A further 720 people were injured after forces in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square and other protest hot spots used water cannon, tear gas and live ammunition against unarmed civilians, amongst them children, women and elderly people. The security forces still failed to disperse the crowds.
Hundreds of peaceful protesters have been apprehended by state forces, and many have been tortured by irregular militias, and denied legal counsel and representation. The one man who threw his full weight behind their cause, as the outpouring of condolences from local people testifies, was Jabbar Abdul Karim Bahadli, whose assassination has been interpreted on social media as another attempt to keep the lid on political freedoms. As many as 65 arrests were carried out in Nasiriyah City and Dhi Qar Province, an activist who cannot be named for security reasons told MEMO, and the shutters have been pulled down on internet freedoms after access was limited under orders from the Iraqi Prime Minister. “They need to crush dissent at all costs,” the 32-year-old added. “Their survival depends on it.””
Aftonbladet 180715 kl 16.09:
Fortsatta oroligheter i södra Irak Hundratals demonstranter har försökt storma provinsregeringens byggnad i Basra i södra Irak. Protesterna, som spritt sig till flera städer, kommer efter missnöje med samhällsservicen. Oroligheterna har lett till att flyg till regionen ställts in eller dirigerats om.

Aftonbladet 180715 – Folkliga protester sprider sig i Irak

SVT 180716:
Protester i Irak sprider sig
Iraqi News Basra
Iraq Breaking News

180725 Iraqi News: Iraqi authorities release 273 detained protesters in Basra, Wasit “ Meanwhile, the director of the IHCHR office in Basra, Mahdi al-Tamimi, announced that “a total of 97 protesters have been released in Basra governorate so far, while eight others are still under investigation.” “The demonstrators have been tortured by the security forces during their detention,” Tamimi explained, adding that there is high-level coordination between the Iraqi judiciary and the commission to release the remaining protesters.”

180715 Iraqi News: Iraqi troops shoot four protesters dead as demonstrations continue in Basra

180715 Iraqi News: 16 protesters killed, injured, 33 others arrested in demonstrations at iraqs Muthanna
Aliraqnews8 på Facebook.

180720 Aliraqnews8 på FB: Skottlossning mot demonstranter vid Tahrir square, Baghdad

180720 Aliraqnews8 på FB: Maskerade legosoldater/milis? vid Tahrir square, Baghdad
Militia threatens to ‘cut off’ hands of Iraqi protesters targeting its offices

180714 Iraq declares state of emergency amid ongoing violent protests
180717 CNN
: “ Baghdad (CNN) At least eight people are dead and dozens injured in weeklong protests over jobs and basic services, Iraq’s Ministry of Health spokesman Saif al-Bader said Monday. The protests started in the southern Iraq port city of Basra and spread to different areas of the country.At least 56 people have been wounded, seven of them critically, Bader said in a news conference.”
180716 MiddleEastEye:
At least five dead as Basra protests spread across southern Iraq Anger over unemployment and a lack of electricity and drinking water has led to some of Iraq’s biggest recent demonstrations
Aljazeera 180714:
Iraq: Protests rage over poor public services, unemployment

Aljazeera 180715:
Tear gas and water cannon fired at Iraqi protesters in Basra

Aljazeera på YouTube 180718: Southern Iraq unrest: Protest outside oil field near Basra

Aljazeera på YouTube 180716: Death toll rises in southern Iraq protests

Aljazeera på YouTube 180715: Tear gas and water cannons fired at Iraqi protesters in Basra “At least seven people have been injured in the oil-rich Iraqi city of Basra after police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters rallying for better services and employment opportunities, police and activists have said. Hundreds of Iraqis gathered outside Basra’s main provincial government building on Sunday, before the situation quickly turned violent and security forces used tear gas and water cannon. ”Some protesters tried to storm the building,” one police source told the Reuters news agency. ”We prevented them by using water cannons and tear gas.” According to the source, nineteen members from the security forces were wounded by stone-throwing protesters. Activist Laith Hussein said the protesters numbered in the ”thousands,” and managed to force the closure of the vital Umm Qasr port on the Gulf and roads leading to major oil fields to the north and west of Basra. Responding to the protests, Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, has promised to invest $3bn in jobs, housing and services. “
TheGuardian 180718:
Protests spread through cities in Iraq’s oil-rich Shia south Several killed and hundreds hurt as unrest enters second week, upping pressure on PM
Reuters 180715:
Two protesters killed in clashes with Iraqi police as unrest spreads in south ”BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) – Two protesters were killed on Sunday in clashes with Iraqi security forces in the town of Samawa, a police official said, amid growing anger in southern cities over poor public services and widespread corruption.”
Hundreds of people tried to storm a courthouse. Shots were fired toward us. It was not clear who was shooting. We had no choice but to open fire,” said the police official in Samawa. Earlier, police in oil hub Basra wounded 48 people when they fired in the air to disperse a crowd of hundreds that tried to storm a government building and demonstrated near an oil field. Some 28 members of the security forces were also wounded, according to Major General Thamir al-Hussaini, commander of the Interior Ministry’s Rapid Response Forces.
In a town near the southern city of Amara, police shot into the air to disperse protesters after demonstrators set fire to the municipality building. Thirteen protesters and seven policemen were wounded in the clashes.”

Reuters 180715, updated 11.49: Iraq police fire in air as protesters try to storm Basra govt. building BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi police fired in the air as hundreds of protesters tried to storm the main provincial government building in Basra, wounding six people on Sunday in a week of unrest that has swept southern cities over poor services, police sources said. “Some of the protesters tried to storm the building. We prevented them by using water cannons and tear gas,” said one of the police sources. Security forces also faced demonstrations about four km from Eni’s Zubair oil field near Basra, a crumbling oil-exporting city. Nineteen people were wounded, three by live fire, according to police sources.
The Express Tribune The Express Tribune 170715: Two killed in southern Iraq as protests spread
DW – Deutsche Welle – Middle east

DW 180715: Protests spread from oil-rich Basra across southern Iraq “Curfews have been imposed, troops put on the streets and the internet reportedly shut down. Burgeoning protests in Iraq against corruption and poor services represent a major challenge and risk boiling over.” ———————————————————-
The New Arab

The New Arab 180713: “Iraq’s prime minister heads to Basra after violent protests Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi visited the Basra on Friday hoping to restore calm in the southern city, which has been gripped by protests over unemployment, his office said. Abadi flew straight into the city from Brussels where he attended a NATO summit to discuss the Islamic State group and immediately held talks with officials, a statement said. Demonstrations have been ongoing over the past several days, with protesters in some cases setting tyres ablaze to block roads and trying to storm government installations. The protests erupted on Sunday and security forces opened fire killing a protester, sparking further anger. As well as unemployment, protesters are frustrated by rising living costs and a lack of basic services in the city, the capital of Basra province. There were further protests on Friday morning and calls for a demonstration in the afternoon in front of the local provincial headquarters. In a statement released by his office, Luaibi said the demonstrators failed to enter the area but had set fire to a gate and a security post. Officially, 10.8 percent of Iraqis are jobless, while youth unemployment is twice as high in a country where 60 percent of the population are aged under 24. Abadi has vowed to rebuild the economy, ravaged by years of conflict, but frustrations have been growing especially in the oil-rich south. Iraq is the second biggest producer of crude in the OPEC oil cartel, with 153 billion barrels of proven reserves.”
– nyhetssajt på arabiska, även med sida på Facebook.

180720 Rudaw: Baghdad joins southern anti-government protests

180714: Inlägg på Rudaw på FB – Regeringens egna skyddsstyrkor skjuter med vattenkanoner mot demonstranter i Najaf.
Paradigm Times
Paradigm Times
– nyhetssajt på arabiska med sida på Facebook.

180714: Inlägg på Paradigm Times på FB – Demonstrationer utanför Sheraton Hotell i Basra när premiärminister Haider al Abadi är där.
Haram Moulay Irakisk nyhetssida på Facebook.

180714: Video 1: Inlägg på sidan “Haram Moulay” på Facebook: Regeringens egna skyddsstyrkor ? skjuter med vapen ? i samband med demonstrationerna i Najaf.

180715: Video 2: Inlägg på sidan “Haram Moulay” på Facebook: Regeringens egna skyddsstyrkor ? skjuter med vapen ? i samband med demonstrationerna i Najaf.

180715: Inlägg på sidan “Haram Moulay” på Facebook: Eskalerande läge i Basra

180715: Råd om hur komma runt det faktum att regeringen kväver internet i olika delar av landet.

NewsChannel på YouTube
180715 NewsChannel: Protests spread from oil-rich Basra across southern Iraq | DW | 15.07.2018
Also link here to the news article 180715 on DW – German new site:

Ruptly på YouTube
180713 Ruptly:
Iraq: Economic protests enter fifth consecutive day in Basra

AFP News Agency på YouTube
180712 AFP News Agency:
Tension grips Iraq’s Basra after protester killed
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180720 FB: Video från demonstrationen vid Tahrir square, Baghdad 180720

Aliraqnews8 på FB: Demonstrations continues in Basra

180720 YC.Iraq på FB: Maskerade miliser beskjuter demonstranter

180719 FB: Activists Talk About Arrests Protesters have been consistently treated and beaten by the Iraqi government against demonstrators and sources of 104 victims and the government tensions tribes

180717 Twitter: Another protester was killed in #Basra

180717 Twitter: Inlägg med bild på förtvivlad man som bär på pojke som dödats

180717 FB: Video som visar hur milisen misshandlar demonstrant grovt

180716 FB: Video från demonstrationerna i Baghdad som visar hur milisen misshandlar demonstrant grovt

180716 FB: Foto från demonstrationerna i Baghdad som visar hur ung demonstrant tvingas ner av SWAT-teammedlem, liggande på marken och hotas med k-pist

180716 från ca kl 21.40 FB: Livevideo på FB som visar skottlossning, uppges vara i Bagdad

180716 från ca kl 21.15 FB: Video på FB som visar skadade/dödade demonstranter, enligt uppgift har nu 4 personer dödats i Karbala.

180716 FB: Video på FB som visar skottlossning från militärpolisens sida, uppges vara i staden Karbala.

180716 FB: Inlägg på FB påmediasida som drivs av journalisten Badr Nasir, foton av demonstranter som skadats vid protesterna

180716 FB: Video på FB som visar pågående demonstration i Basra

180715 FB: Video på FB som visar skottlossningstillfälle i Najaf Det uppges att 2 personer dödats i Najaf

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